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About Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Racine, Many people practice a daily oral hygiene routine and think they have no risk of forming cavities. But this is not true. Plaque or tartar develops even with a careful routine of brushing and flossing daily, especially in the inaccessible areas which are difficult to clean. Hence, professional dental cleaning becomes important for removing the stain and tartar.

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a non-surgical procedure wherein our dentist will check your teeth and clean the tartar that is deposited, plaque and bacterial toxins from the outer layer of the teeth.

Why should I get teeth cleaning regularly?

Natural teeth are precious and worth an ounce of care. Plaque and tartar can harbor microbial flora, which can contribute to dental caries. So, oral health should be taken care of and should be your priority. You can get the below-mentioned benefits from professional teeth cleaning.

1. Prevent cavity formation:

Teeth cleaning helps to prevent cavities. Low pH in presence of plaque and tartar is conducive for caries.

2. Prevent bad breath:

Have you wondered why you have bad breath even after brushing daily? This is because of plaque and tartar that harbors microbial flora, which can break down protein into volatile sulfur compounds.

3. Stop the active bacteria’s:

The existing plaque and tartar are the shelter for bacteria. Through this, it will start spreading to the surrounding. To prevent these risks, teeth cleaning treatment becomes important.

What does the dentist do in teeth cleaning procedure?

At Wisconsin Smiles, our dentists will perform the cleaning process in a very efficient manner. The process is as follows:

  1. A physical examination: When you visit our clinic the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth. They will check for the signs of cavity, tartar, and plaque. They check the health of your gums and any other symptoms like bleeding, mobility, etc.
  2. Removing the plaque: Once the oral examination will be done, the dentist will start the teeth cleaning treatment. They will make use of an ultrasonic scaling device to remove the plaque. You will be able to hear a scraping noise during this process. But it is normal and it will not harm your tooth. The more tartar you have the more time it will take to clean your teeth.
  3. Polishing: Done with prophy cup—a small motorized rubber cup—along with an abrasive polishing compound. It is done to smoothen the teeth surface.
  4. Re-examine: Once all the process is done, the dentist will ask you to rinse. At this stage, your mouth will be completely cleaned. The dentist will reexamine your teeth and discusses any discomfort you have. They will also check the face, neck, and ears for any other oral issues.
How many visits are required?

Usually, teeth cleaning is done in one visit. But depending upon the problems you may have. Our dentist will suggest 2-4 visits if you have a deeper level of plaque.

What oral care should be taken after the treatment?

No special care will be advised. You can do your regular activities. But the dentist will advise you to maintain oral hygiene. This will help you to prevent further forming of plaque.

Can I do teeth cleaning at home?

There are some toothpastes available in the market which claims that they can clean the teeth. They will help remove the stains. Once the tartar is formed, it will be removed only by the dentist. Hence toothpaste in itself is not sufficient.

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